"PAIRadox: don't be fooled by the box," @saidCedra.

From heels to sneakers, I have a love for shoes that is unmatched! At nearly 200 pairs of shoes, I’ve got a pretty impressive collection. I must admit, though, there is a method to the madness. Here’s my process to scoring great shoes without breaking the bank:

  • Step 1: look first, buy second. Always shop around.
  • Step 2: know more, save more. Same shoe. Different Stores. Different Prices.
  • Step 3: Ship it or pick it up? Depends. Compare coupon codes to in store promos, style selection and size availability.
  • Step 4: $20 or less, don’t second guess! Shoe love is true love; just get them!

I’m always in the market for a great deal! Share your shoe shopping tricks with me on Twitter: @saidCedra. :o)